Day 24. Christmas Eve

"O come let us draw near"

Gerard van Honthorst, circa 1620 "Adoration of the Child

And, so we come to this moment in time. Here, dear ones, is a reason... the chief reason... for the joy in my world. Because of Jesus the Christ, I can enjoy all other beautiful and wondrous things in my life so much more.

Just like those young girls in the painting, whose faces glow with silent adoration, when I gave my heart to Jesus and fell in love with Him as a girl a little older than them, I knew my life would be changed completely. And I knew at the tender age it was going to be a forever love story.

He poured not only His love into my heart, but gave me so much Joy that day I invited him into my life. To this day, whenever life turns up-side-down for me, the moment I turn my eyes and thoughts back to him, my joy returns.

I'll be forever grateful that He once came as a little baby boy to bring people so much joy. Yes, religion gets mixed up in it, but He ... He is pure joy.

On this most favourite and wondrous nights of the year I want to share, as my gift to you, a song. From the very first notes I heard playing on the radio drew me 'ere I ever heard the words. Something that dark winter morning, as I got into the car with my java, almost rushed out from the radio to greet me. The words, the music, everything..... touched me then, and speak to me yet.

It'd be my heart's desire that you'd feel its wonder too on this Christmas Eve. Click here for the youtube version of Christmas Must Be Tonight... 


by Robbie Robertson
Canadian singer/songwriter/guitarist

Come down to the manger, see the little stranger
Wrapped in swaddling clothes the Prince of Peace
Wheels start turning, torches start burning
And the old wise men journey from the East

How a little baby boy bring the people so much joy
Son of a carpenter, Mary carried the light
This must be Christmas, must be tonight

A shepherd on a hillside, where over my flock I bide
On a cold winter night a band of angels sing
In a dream I heard a voice saying "Fear not, come rejoice
It's the end of the beginning, praise the new born King"

I saw it with my own eyes, written up in the skies
But why a simple herdsman such as I?
And then it came to pass, he was born at last
Right below the star that shines on high

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